Em Habanim

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Em Habanim strives to be a Jewish community resource for life cycle events and celebrations.

Brit Millah.

We provide a traditional setting for the brit milah ceremony. Bring your child into the covenant of Avraham Avinu in our Holy sanctuary on a traditional Kisseh Eliyahu.


For more information on any life cycle events or celebrations please contact Rabbi Bittan at (818) 652-7740.

For more information about the Social Hall and Synagogue rentals please contact the office at (818)762-7779.

Naming Ceremony.

We offer a traditonal Sephardic naming ceremony for newborn girls, also known as zeved habat. It is usually celebrated within the first month after her birth. Rabbi Bittan officiates at the official name-giving prayer

Pidyon Haben.

When a family is blessed with the birth of a firstborn son (through natural birth, not C-section; also excludes the son of a mother or father from a levi or kohen family) the ceremony known as pidyon haben offers the father the opportunity to redeem the infant from the kohen. It is a very meaningful ceremony that takes place 30 days after the firstborn son's birth. Em Habanim can be of assistance making the arrangements to meet the requirements of this special celebration.

Bar Mitzvah.

A coming-of-age celebration for a boy who reaches the age of 13. Em Habanim will help you celebrate this important milestone in your son's life, offering beautiful services in the Sephardi tradition and by providing a banquet setting (seating capacity 275) that will enthrall your guests. Mazal tov! We look forward to celebrating your son's bar mitzvah in our synagogue.

Bat Mitzvah.

When a girl reaches 12 years of age she becomes a bat mitzvah--obligated to follow the mitzvot We can help you celebrate this important milestone in your dauhter's life.


You are ready to tie the knot with your other half…. Please call us for this special celebration.

Rabbi Bittan will guide you in preparation for the marriage ceremony. You can use our social hall for the reception and our sanctuary for the Chupah. 

Perez Social Hall.

Our facilities include an elegant and up to date Simcha Hall equipped with state of the art sound system that can comfortably accommodate up to 275 guests for any of your celebrations such as weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, Brit Milahs , etc…