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Welcome to Em Habanim Sephardic Congregation!

We are an Orthodox Sephardic Congregation founded in '74 by Moroccan Jews. In 2000 we added a Sephardic Community Center to our facilities. We are dedicated to serving our community in the Sephardic tradition. Our services are held in the Moroccan Sephardi Nussah and Liturgy.


About Us

Em Habanim Sephardic Congregation is a vibrant and welcoming Sephardic community located in North Hollywood, CA. We strive to foster a strong sense of tradition and community through our religious services, educational programs, and cultural events. Our congregation is committed to upholding the values and traditions of our Sephardic heritage, and we welcome all members of the community to join us in prayer and celebration.


We appreciate your continuous support to our community! 

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